The Dust on the Moth - Philip Formby
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The Dust on the Moth

The Dust on the Moth

The Dust on the Moth is a tapestry of otherworldly farce, thorny fairytale and domestic drama – an ode to the faint line between the mundane and the mythological. Three youngsters move into 8 Asgard Street to become the unwitting pawns of Mr Malarkey, a voyeuristic landlord who falls for angels and talks to crows. Meanwhile a vast cathedral drifts through the cosmos, sent to the stars by an apocalyptic kiss, and on its way to revealing the enigmatic bond between two very different tales…

I am one part of Bees Make Honey Creative Community and together with author Darren Simpson, we have published THE DUST ON THE MOTH. A collaboration between a writer (Darren Simpson), an illustrator (Dan Layton), a photographer (me) and a creative producer (Kirsty Fox), the finished work lies somewhere between illustrated literary fiction, photographic journal, objet d’art and graphic novel. A dark and funny science fiction fairytale about the collision of two worlds.


14 August 2019