Overexposed - Philip Formby


On Saturday, November 3, 1948,  the B29 bomber plane – known as Overexposed crashed in Bleaklow, Derbyshire.

Overexposed (named because of its role as a photo reconnaissance aircraft that photographed the Bikini Atoll bomb tests in the Pacific) took off at around 10.15am from Scampton, Lincolnshire for Burtonwood USAF base, near Warrington, England. It was a routine flight carrying USAF wages among other things. The crew were due to return to the States a few days later.

When Overexposed failed to arrive at Burtonwood, an air search was initiated and that afternoon the burning wreck was spotted high on the moors near Higher Shelf Stones. All 13 men on board were killed instantly.

The plane’s wreckage remains on the Derbyshire moors and can still be seen.

Nottingham filmmakers Phil Formby and Lee Harrison-Mellor are offering people the chance to explore the crash site through a 360 virtual reality tour, which can be accessed online.

The haunting footage for this piece was filmed in heavy fog and gives an immersive sense of what happened 70 years ago. A first-hand transcript from one of the first on the scene has been narrated by Screen Actors Guild Award winner Steve Huison.

Here is a link to the tour; http://overexposed1948.com/

It can be viewed on desktop, through virtual reality headsets (e.g google cardboard) or on a phone/tablet using the gyroscope function.

BBC article on the project https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-46073305


8 July 2020