Memories of the future

Bees Make Honey Creative Community present their flagship project Memories of the Future. A celebration of independent DIY creative culture. An exploration of where we are now and where we’re going. With music, moving image, photography and the written word in traditional and digital formats for sale and exhibition. Details of workshops, performances, and other events on the website.
#MotF Memories of the Future – The Analogue meets Digital Pop-up Shop – 8th-12th October 2013 – The Corner – 8 Stoney Street – Nottingham

Music by Apalusa
Title design by Dan Layton
Directed by Philip Formby

The Dust on the Moth

The Dust on the Moth

The Dust on the Moth is a tapestry of otherworldly farce, thorny fairytale and domestic drama – an ode to the faint line between the mundane and the mythological. Three youngsters move into 8 Asgard Street to become the unwitting pawns of Mr Malarkey, a voyeuristic landlord who falls for angels and talks to crows. Meanwhile a vast cathedral drifts through the cosmos, sent to the stars by an apocalyptic kiss, and on its way to revealing the enigmatic bond between two very different tales…

For the past two years the majority of my spare time and effort has been going into the creation of a collaborative hardback novel. I am one part of Bees Make Honey Creative Community and together with author Darren Simpson, we have published THE DUST ON THE MOTH. A collaboration between a writer (Darren Simpson), an illustrator (Dan Layton), a photographer (me) and a creative producer (Kirsty Fox), the finished work lies somewhere between illustrated literary fiction, photographic journal, objet d’art and graphic novel. A dark and funny science fiction fairytale about the collision of two worlds.

For more info on the book & to purchase this fine specimen go here.